Duncan’s Pulse: Missy Mattey

June 4, 2018

Discussion with Development Director and Executive Director of the HCC Educational Foundation Missy L. Mattey about her vast experience here at HCC, including her great work currently at the HCCEF, her superb team, how you can give to HCC, and so much more...


Duncan’s Pulse: Candace dePass and Dr. Jennifer Golbeck

May 7, 2018

Discussion with Candace and Jen about AI and social media: what's going on, how we can protect ouselves and more...


Duncan’s Pulse: Bill “GW” Davis

April 25, 2018

Discussion with Bill "GW" Davis, HCC Director of Public Safety, about his background, how he and his team keeps the campus and its community safe, safety tips, and so much more...


Duncan’s Pulse: Bob Marietta

March 28, 2018

Discussion with HCC Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor Bob Marrietta about his work at the college, his background, Greenfest 2018, and a whole lot more...


Duncan’s Pulse: Dr. Kate Hetherington–II

March 27, 2018

Discussion with HCC President Dr. Kate Hetherington about the latest with the college, including campus growth, the DACA issue, the recent snowstorm, and a whole lot more...