Marjane Satrapi-Persepolis

March 19, 2017

Prof. Westhaver returns to talk about the French animated film Persepolis. Directed by Marjane Satrapi.


Infernal Affairs

March 12, 2017

Prof. Westhaver and I look at the essential Hong Kong crime film Infernal Affairs. This was remade four years later into Martin Scorsese's Best Picture winner The Departed. Which is better? Listen to find out!


Christopher Nolan & The Prestige

March 6, 2017

Prof. Westhaver returns to discuss the under rated 2006 Christopher Nolan film The Prestige.


John Lee Hancock & Saving Mr. Banks

February 26, 2017

Prof. Westhaver returns to talk about the 2013 hit film Saving Mr. Banks directed by John Lee Hancock. The film protrays the making of Mary Poppins


Kang Je-gyu & The Brotherhood of War

February 19, 2017

Prof. Dutterer and I head back to South Korea to look at director Kang Je-gyu and his Korean War classic The Brotherhood of War.