Ricky Lau & Mr Vampire

October 29, 2017

For our last Halloween show, Prof. Dutterer and I look at the cult Hong Kong classic; Mr Vampire. Directed by Ricky Lau.


Robert Wise & The Haunting

October 24, 2017

On a new directors show Prof. Westhaver and I discuss the 1963 horror classic, The Haunting, directed by Robert Wise.


James Whale & The Old Dark House

October 15, 2017

Prof. Dutterer returns to discuss an old horror classic from Universal pictures: The Old Dark House.


Mel Brooks & Young Frankenstein

October 9, 2017

Prof. Westhaver returns on the show, to talk about one of the best comedies of all time; Young Frankenstein.


John Huston & The Asphalt Jungle

October 3, 2017

Prof. Dutterer returns to the show and discusses one of my all time favorite heist films, The Asphalt Jungle. Directed by John Huston.