Duncan’s Garage: Anne Hall

April 5, 2017

Discussion with CA-based singer/songwriter Anne Hall about her new album, "Wonderful," playing with The Remarkables, her salsa business, and much more...

Check out her brand new songs/videos, "Lonely Eyes," and "Goin' Back Home."


Duncan’s Garage: Felipe Paccagnella

March 27, 2017

Discussion with local singer/songwriter Felipe Paccagnella about his music, working with his band, upcoming performances, and so much more...

Check out his videos here.


Duncan’s Garage: Katrin

March 15, 2017

Discussion with local Boston-based singer/songwriter Katrin about her music, juggling being a musician, wife and mother, playing in Europe, and much more...

Check out her video from 2012, "Walk Away," here


Duncan’s Garage: J. Coursey Willis

March 13, 2017

Discussion with local Eastern Shore-based singer/songwriter Josh Coursey Willis about his music, his music philosophy, growing up on Kent Island, and so much more...

Watch Josh's great videos here.


Duncan’s Garage: Jonny Zywiciel

March 6, 2017

Discussion with national singer/songwriter guitarist Jonny Zywiciel about his music, living in CA, the passion he has for his music, and a whole lot more...

Watch Jonny's great videos here.