Duncan’s Garage: Mike Sharp

November 6, 2017

Discussion with local MD artist Mike Sharp about his musical influences, his family, where he's playing next, and a whole lot more...

Check out this great video of him playing from 2013...


Duncan’s Garage: Scott Fisher

October 25, 2017

Discussion with LA-based Scott Fisher about his recent album, "Jumpin' at Shadows," his composing work for TV, what's the next project and so much more...

Here's his video for "Faded Time," and another great video on his solo piano work.



Duncan’s Garage: David Andrew Smith

October 23, 2017

Discussion with local singer/songwriter David Andrew Smith about his musical influences, going to college at Salisbury, how he writes his music and so much more...

Check out his great video online...


Duncan’s Garage: Mark Hopkins

October 11, 2017

Discussion with local MD musician Mark Hopkins about his music, how it was developed over time and who influenced him, where he'll be playing next and a whole lot more...

Watch his videos: his great over of "No Woman, No Cry," and a fantastic original which we've played on DDR, "Na Na (Stay with Me)."


Duncan’s Garage: Sarah Ragsdale

October 11, 2017

Discussion with national recording artist/songwriter Sarah Ragsdale about her new album, "Whimsical Romance," what she learned in making this project, her love of Ragtime music, her love of family, and so much more...

Check out her great videos..."This Kiss" and a great cover (one of my all-time favorites) of Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love with You."