Duncan’s Garage: Meg Murray

September 13, 2017

Discussion with local musician Meg Murray about her career, her family, why she does what she does, and a whole lot more...

Check out these two great videos: one with Angie Miller and the other, an August West reunion.


Duncan’s Garage: Chris Sacks Duo

September 6, 2017

Discussion with the Chris Sacks Duo about their music, Chris' and Steve's background, and so much more...

Here's a link to their great videos..


Duncan’s Garage: Christie Lenee

May 3, 2017

Discussion with singer/songwriter/composer Christie Lenee about her musical and theatre background, her current album, "Stay," her recent overseas tour, and a whole lot more...

Here are some of her great videos, including "Send it to the Sky." 


Duncan’s Garage: Christine Parker

May 1, 2017

Discussion with CA-based singer/songwriter Christine Parker about her songwriting, her new EP, her video projects and so much more....

Check out her superb videos, especially the Chapel Sessions, here. 


Duncan’s Garage: Babbie Mason

April 26, 2017

Discussion with award-winning Christian singer/songwriter/TV host/speaker Babbie Mason about her ministry, her songwriting philosophy, raising her family, and so much more...

Check out two of her powerful videos..."Great Is Thy Faithfulness" and "All Rise."