Duncan’s Garage: Jim Feenstra

April 10, 2018

Discussion with father and musician Jim Feenstra about the band he formed with his two sons, JP and Charles, The Wizbangs...

We talk about the release of their debut album in 2016, musical backgrounds, what's next for their second release, and so much more...

Check out their great cover of "Honky Tonk Woman" and their own original which we discussed, "I'd Like to Be Lazy with You."


Duncan’s Garage: Kathy Bowman

March 26, 2018

Discussion with Kathy Bowman, Director of Music and Ministries with The National Christian Choir about her music background, her extensive work with the Choir, and so much more...

Watch Kathy, the Music Team and the Choir: "I Surrender All" and a powerful rendition of "God Bless America."



Duncan’s Garage: Shannon Perry

March 15, 2018

Discussion with author, recording artist, TV and radio host and conference speaker Shannon Perry about her recent single, "Til the Storm Passes By," her great book for teens, "Stand," upcoming projects and a whole lot more...

Watch these two fantastic videos: "Overlooked" and "In Her Shoes."


Duncan’s Garage: Jennifer Shaw

March 14, 2018

Discussion with national Christian recording artist (and author and conference speaker) Jennifer Shaw about her powerful music, her family, her heart for adoption and so much more...

Check out these great videos: "How Far Love Goes" and "Your Child."


Duncan’s Garage: Shelby Blondell

November 28, 2017

Discussion with Linthicum, MD's own Shelby Blondell about her learning the violin and guitar, the acts she's opened for, her songwriting style and so much more...

Check out her superb videos: "Last Tonight", a great mashup of "Hey Jude" and "FourFiveSeconds" and "Christmas Eve."