February 12, 2018

The recent #MeToo social media campaign has increased the awareness of sexual harassment, violence, and assault.  But how do these issues impact you or your friends? Join us for this episode as we have a conversation about this important issue and why it’s relevant to teens.   Our guests will be Heidi Griswold, Community Engagement Coordinator, HopeWorks, Brittany Eltringham, Community Engagement Coordinator, HopeWorks and Abi Balkin, Youth Leadership Project Member at HopeWorks.


A Conversation with Dr. Kevin Gilbert, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Howard County Public School System

January 24, 2018

Join us for a conversation with local changemaker and leader Dr. Kevin Gilbert, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) as he shares his vision for meeting the physical, social and academic needs of HCPSS students.


Teen Health Matters HIV

January 8, 2018

On this episode of Teen Health Matters, Jackie welcomes in guests from the Howard County Health Department to discuss HIV and how teens should take it seriously!


Social Media and Body Image

November 21, 2017

There’s no denying it.  Media is a huge influence in our lives from what we eat to what we wear.  But it’s also affecting how we think and feel about ourselves.  Join us as we discuss how social media affects our thoughts and images of ourselves.  Our special guests will be Dr. Meghan Moreno, Adolescent Medicine Specialist, Department of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rachel Ma, Student, River Hill High School, and Chidera Umeozulu, Student, River Hill High School


Tattoos, Piercings, and Scarification

October 5, 2017

More teens and young adults are getting tattoos and piercings, but there are things to consider.  During this episode of Teen Health Matters, we’ll have a conversation with our special guest, Dr. Cora Collette Bruener, Professor Department of Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine Division & Adjunct Professor Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital, about the health and social risks associated with body modification.