The Kickback DMV w/ Jae Alexander

February 28, 2017

Military background, musician, song writer and more, The Jae Alexander came to our studio ... checkout his interview! 


The Kickback DMV w/ Stunna Lorenzana

February 9, 2017

Rapping with a Spanish heart... check out Stunna Lorenzana on this episode of the Kickback DMV!

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The Kickback DMV w/ Geez Da Gawd

January 31, 2017

Meet the realist from Park Heights, Geez Da Gawd, on the latest episode of the Kickback DMV...listen up! 


The Kickback DMV w/ Mitoga

January 23, 2017

Take an honest look at Mitoga, an artist with a mission to make a difference with his art. 

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The Kickback DMV w/ Randy P

January 11, 2017

Randy P brought us some Jesus Juice to the studio, that and his love for the Cowboys... check it out!

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