Dragon Digital Radio

Cary Grant

July 10, 2020

HCC film professors Marie Westhaver and Mike Giuliano devote this episode to one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood history, Cary Grant. Born with an unpromising name for a movie star, Archibald Leach, he eventually transformed himself into the movie star Cary Grant. After leaving his native Great Britain, he knocked around the United States as everything from a theater actor to a Coney Island lifeguard. After landing in Hollywood and playing supporting romantic roles opposite Mae West and Marlene Dietrich in the early 1930s, he ascended to star status later that decade with a string of comedies including "Bringing Up Baby" and "The Philadelphia Story." Marie, who teaches a course about Alfred Hitchcock, talks about the four films they made together. She has fascinating anecdotes about "North by Northwest," and she and Mike share their observations about this handsome, witty and well-tailored movie star.