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Emma and The Way Back

April 30, 2020

In this episode,  Marie and Mike discuss reasons why Jane Austen's novels are constantly being adapted for the movies. The latest example is "Emma." Although this postcard-pretty movie initially seems like it will coast on its good looks, stay with it and you'll happily realize that it has more psychological substance than the early scenes suggest. Anya Taylor-Joy is convincing in the title role and makes us care about Emma, although it must be said that Emma's rather spoiled and selfish character traits do not make her one of the most sympathetic Austen heroines. The second film discussed in this episode is "The Way Back," in which Ben Affleck draws on his self-described history of alcoholism in order to play a washed up basketball coach who hits the bottle more than the baskets. This film essentially melds together two genres, the inspirational sports movie and the recovery drama. Marie and Mike agree that the actor's strong performance holds it all together.

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