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Ford V Ferrari and The Good Liar

December 13, 2019

It's Marie v. Mike in this episode as our two critics discuss "Ford v. Ferrari." Truth be told, they were pretty much in agreement about this racing film set during the 24-hour race in Le Mans in 1966. Although Mike does not exactly have a strong interest in watching cars race around a track and felt that the film's 152-minute running time sometimes felt as long as that race, he was surprised by how much he liked this character-based drama about a car designer (Matt Damon), a driver (Christian Bale) and their confrontations with Henry Ford II himself (Tracy Letts, who deserves an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor). Marie, who really loved this film, had the advantage of watching it with a spouse who knows a lot about cars. Also on this episode, Marie and Mike discuss "The Good Liar," in which single seniors played by Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen meet through a dating website. What initially seems like it will be an agreeable rom com pitched at what we'll politely call a mature audience takes some dark turns that neither of our critics found very convincing. But they love both actors and will watch them in anything.

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