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April 15, 2020
Hey Scarlets! Join us for an illuminating conversation on polyamory and kink with special guest Aryn Haeger of Take Care Healing. Aryn is a trauma-informed Reiki practitioner who also practices and identifies with both polyamory and kink. She answers listener's questions about both polyam and kink, and helps to dispel common myths about both practices and identities. This conversation is affirming and informative--don't miss out! Follow and learn more about Aryn on her instagram: @takecarehealing. For your information and education, the following accounts and sites were mentioned during this episode: 
• daemonumx
• kinkyblackeducator
• shrimpteeth
• clementinemorrigan
• chillpolyamory
Dating sites/apps:
• Feeld
• Tinder

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