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Motherless Brooklyn and The Lighthouse

November 22, 2019

Marie and Mike discuss two films about which they have mixed feelings. Columbia's own Edward Norton wrote, directed and stars in "Motherless Brooklyn," in which he plays a New York City detective in the 1950s. The film noir-evocative mood is effectively realized through the expert production design, cinematography and musical score; and the sharp casting showcases actors including Alec Baldwin and Willem Dafoe. Our two critics have some reservations about Norton's performance and his thematic concerns, however, and they are happy to share these quibbles with you. Speaking of Willem Dafoe, he also stars in "The Lighthouse." Indeed, he and Robert Pattinson are just about the only people you'll see in this visually striking black-and-white film about 19th-century lighthouse keepers who keep that light burning and otherwise keep driving each other crazy. Marie and Mike aren't always in agreement about the dramatic worth of scenes that Mike thinks are like exercises out of a Method acting workshop, but both critics agree that Dafoe really looks like a figure out of Herman Melville. Indeed, that long-dead author is thanked in the end credits.