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The Call of The Wild and Sonic The Hedgehog

March 9, 2020

Marie and Mike channel their inner child and discuss two family-oriented films that both rely on animation. "The Call of the Wild" is the fourth screen adaptation of the 1903 Jack London novel about a dog's adventures in the Yukon. Our two critics share their reactions to the entirely computer-generated dog; and, in any event, Mike makes the snide observation that the dog's performance is more animated than the monotonous voice-over narration and grizzled beard performance by Harrison Ford as a crusty backwoods hermit. Based on a video game, "Sonic the Hedgehog" is an animated fantasy meant for very young viewers and also for somewhat older viewers who grew up on such games. Our critics talk about what's involved in going from video game to movie screen; and they agree that the vocal talent is at its best with Jim Carrey as a mad scientist. To the extent that one can have a serious discussion about an extraterrestrial blue hedgehog, Marie and Mike have it.

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